5 Powerful PHP Code Generators

Writing a simple database application in PHP and mySQL can take a lot of time and effort – you will have to design the HTML form, write queries, implement validation/error handling, test the application, etc. You can save yourself a lot of time and reduce development cost if you use a PHP code generator. Code generators are desktop or web-based applications that once installed will allow you to define your database and it will automatically generate all the required HTML, CSS and PHP files. You can then simply update these files to your server and get complete running applications in a few minutes.

Here’s our showcase of the top 5 PHP code generators on HotScripts:


ScriptCase is a complete PHP Code Generator. Through a friendly web interface, the developer can generate rich web applications extremely fast, such as: web forms, html reports, container applications, pdf reports, menus, editable grids, webhelp pages, FLASH charts, auto-complete components using JQUERY technology, master/detail forms and grids.

PHP MySQL Wizard

PHP MySQL Wizard is a smart PHP code generator, with absolute zero knowledge of coding the wizard can generate a functional web application driven from your MySQL database, saving you hours of tedious programming. Using the generated application both administrator and/or users will be able to view, search, sort, edit and delete records from your MySQL Database . The wizard has many friendly and easy to use features such as: fully customizable appearance of the generated application, validation rules, custom error messages, etc.


PHPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of PHP quickly from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server databases. Using PHPMaker, you can instantly create web sites that allow users to view, edit, search, add and delete records on the web. PHPMaker is designed for high flexibility, numerous options enable you to generate PHP applications that best suits your needs. The generated codes are clean, straightforward and easy-to-customize.

AppGini PHP Generator For MySQL

AppGini helps you develop web database applications instantly. You do not need to have any programming background to use it. Just define your database, set some options, click the Generate button, and you’re done! Applications generated will allow your users to view, search, edit data as well as allow administrator to access permissions. The application can then be easily customized using CSS and HTML templates.


ScriptArtist is a PHP & AJAX code generator software for MySQL. It helps helps you save a lot of developing times to create the completed CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, & Delete), easily generates web forms (email or contact form) retrieved information from either database fields or user-defined fields and many more.

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